Mission / Vision

We solve, demistify and simplify marketing, product development and project management issues, their interactions and complexities by focusing on context within which people operate and implementation processes necessary for success.

Grow and expand by focusing on our clients' long-term success.Strive to be known and respected as a source of practical knowledge in a range of business disciplines, and remembered as a team that applies hands on experience, an innovative leadership practices and project management methodologies that work.

Why Us?
MPM Worldwide Inc. is a premier provider of consulting, training, and coaching primarily in the areas of insurance and financial products and services, employee benefits and Human resources.

Our advantage is a unique, trilateral, hands-on expertise in:

  1. project management, process improvement and cross-functional leadership;
  2. product development, product positioning, and launch, and
  3. product marketing.

This practical expertise is specific and not easily available at one point of contact, however it is the most valuable asset in the successful development, implementation and launch of new products and services.